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Walter Ross

Underground Enlang bands


First off I have to thank Seth @ Negative Progression for sending me this amazing CD. I find this raw and full of passion, from the heart and painfully honest. This is for fans of: Glassjaw, At The Drive In, Faith No More, Coheed and Cambria and Refused. This is the bands debut EP, songs include: ginger, dick tracy, blasphemy, travelogue and red leather yellow leather. Look for them and expect nothing but the best. I give it a 8.5 out of a possible 10.

LONG SINCE FORGOTTEN – all the things you said…

It’s every once and awhile that a good Rock EMO based band comes along and wows you. This would be this once and awhile.

With the use of a piano guitars being played soft along with taps of the drum the music gives you the ideal like sound of Saves the Day, Junction 18, Something Corporate, and Fairweather. From time to time your hear the beats move to a load up tone sort of sound but it’s mainly kept on a melodic wall of sound. It’s the kind of EMO you love to listen to.

Lyrics are well written and emotional but not cry your eyes EMO giving this song writer great appreciation from people who listen to this album. His voice is soft toned and maybe your hear a scream every once and awhile but he keeps his voice that of Chris from Saves the Day on their album “Stay What You Are.”

In comparison Long Since Forgotten is very close to being like these guys but giving everything their own style making them unique and sound wonderful. Whether or not you’re an EMO type fan this CD is well worth having it gives you up tone with EMO melodic sounds. The mix of genres makes it all come together and the leads voice pulls it in to become one.


I got this Cd in the mail, and to be honest I have never heard of Little Compass before, boy was I missing out. Great stuff here folks. It has what every band today is missing, melody. And boy do they have the melody, along with crushing guitar riffs, pulse pounding bass lines and loud as hell drums to round out the package. This disk is so infectious it is scary, I found myself singing the lyrics at work after only one listen. I can’t put my finger on there sound, and I do not like comparing bands to other bands, so I will not do it this time around. This disc has alot of things going for it, great lyrics, awesome musicianship, melody, and a range of happy and sad songs with a little anger to boost. I do not listen to this style of music often, but this will have a heavy rotation in my CD player. After about 5 or 6 listens I cannot get the songs out of my head, I believe I will sue the band and await the next release. Please don’t be long guys, this is torture.

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